The Skill of Rating Beer

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A significant proportion of beer drinkers just drink beer to get drunk, and even though I believe that everyone has a right to their preferences, I think that’s an insult to the very art of brewing, and yes, it is an art.

While it is true that the taste of beer develops overtime, once you start to savor the taste of this fantastic creation of man, your whole perspective of drinking transforms. You are no longer bound by the chase to get hammered, and you no longer feel like getting through the beer just to get drunk. In fact, drinking the beer becomes a ritual; it transforms from a meaningless activity to an enlightened sensory experience.

So the first suggestion would be to change your perspective towards beer. Only then can you have an open mind towards the qualities of a beer. Secondly, you should keep in mind that in order to assess the true taste of the beer, it should be at the optimum temperature. Opinions may vary as to what the optimal temperature is, however I disagree with the idea that the beer has to be freezing.


The reason is that our senses are partially disabled by such low temperatures, and it’s difficult to experience what the beer truly has to offer. Thus, the best temperature to rate beer would be cellar temperature. If you’re not comfortable with beer at such temperatures, you can slightly cool the beer to suit your taste buds, but never enough to mask the taste.


You need to pay a lot of attention to the aroma of the beer, as the taste is not the only thing that matters.  In order to smell the aromas you can move the beer in the glass around a little bit to reveal some of the fainter smells. A useful technique is to ascribe marks to each section of rating and then rate the beer on the aggregate. For example you can rate the smell out of 10 marks.


Taste is obviously the most important thing, and deserves the greatest proportion of marks. It is usually the deciding factor for people, for obvious reasons. Look for different tastes within the beer; if it helps, close your eyes for better concentration. You need to look out for the taste as the beer connects with your taste buds, the way it feels in your mouth, and the aftertaste it leaves as you swallow it down.

You can also conclude by the feeling the beer gives you, and how you feel after finishing the beer; do you feel like buying it again, did it genuinely impress you? Considerations like that can aid a beer drinker in rating the beer.

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