Sixpack Westvleteren 12
westvleteren 12

Sixpack Westvleteren 12


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The Sixpack Westvleteren 12 contains 6 bottles Westvleteren 12 packed in original Westvleteren box.

The Westvleteren 12  is a classic Belgian Quad, the dark beer behind the fancy glass creates a tasteful appearance. The taste originates from dark fruits like raisins and plums, also a clear taste of vanilla and honey is recognizable, these ingredients give the beer a sweet aroma. The taste of Westvleteren 12  opens up after a while as the beer warms up, when it settles the bubble continue to set up from the nucleation which makes for a long lasting foam on top of the body. With the carbonation being so lively and the texture so slick, it’s beer with a refreshing but dark body. Ratings of the Westvleteren 12  are always far above average, ranging from 8-10 to 10. This beer has an alcohol percentage of 10,20%. The box comes with 6 bottles of Westvleteren 12 .

Most beer drinkers know you cannot beat Belgian beer when it comes to flavor and taste.  And the real beer connoisseurs realize that beer prepared by monastery monks is among the best brew in the world.  So why not give yourself a treat?

This wonderful beer is from a brewery founded by Trappist Monks in 1838 in Vleteren, Belgium.  They still produce three widely acclaimed beers considered the best in the world for taste and quality.  Part of the reason is that the beer is sold in small quantities with precision production methods.

The beer was originally sold door-to-door and only since expansion of the internet have they become available online.  On a scale from 1 to 10 Wesvleteren 12 is somewhere around an 8.  Why deprive yourself of the best beer in the world when it is available to be shipped anywhere in the world?

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