Sixpack Westvleteren 12
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Sixpack Westvleteren 12 + 8


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The Mixpack Westvleteren 12 + 8 contains 3 bottles Westvleteren 12 and 3 bottles Westvleteren 8 packed in original Westvleteren box.

The Westvleteren 12  is a classic Belgian Quad, the dark beer behind the fancy glass creates a tasteful appearance. The taste originates from dark fruits like raisins and plums, also a clear taste of vanilla and honey is recognizable, these ingredients give the beer a sweet aroma. The taste of Westvleteren 12  opens up after a while as the beer warms up, when it settles the bubble continue to set up from the nucleation which makes for a long lasting foam on top of the body. With the carbonation being so lively and the texture so slick, it’s beer with a refreshing but dark body. Ratings of the Westvleteren 12  are always far above average, ranging from 8-10 to 10. This beer has an alcohol percentage of 10,20%.

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Weight 4.9 kg