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Whether you want to have amazing beer in your collection at all times or you’re planning for a special occasion coming up, it’s not always as easy as you might think to get your hands on those perfect bottles. Even when money is no object, finding Westvleteren 12 for sale can seem nearly impossible. However, if you really have your heart set on this beer—which many aficionados consider to be the best in the world—this is how you can find Westvleteren 12 for sale.

Travel to Saint-Sixtus Abbey

For the most part, this is the only way to find genuine Westvleteren 12 for sale. You’ll need to take a trip to Westvleteren, West Flanders, Belgium. There you’ll find Saint-Sixtus Abbey, where the world’s best beer is brewed on a daily basis during the brewing season.

Unfortunately, this is far from where your journey ends. Traveling to Belgium will actually be the easiest part of your trip. Next, you’ll need to get in contact with the Abbey. If you wish to actually purchase a case or more of their beer, there’s a hotline you can call. Many people have tried hundreds or even thousands of times before their calls were answered, so you’ll want to check the schedule to make sure you understand when you can begin calling and then get ready to dial a lot.

Should you get through, you’ll be asked for your car’s registration number and your name before being told when to visit Saint-Sixtus Abbey. Provided you follow their instructions, you’ll be allowed five cases of beer.

Visit the Café

Across the street from Saint-Sixtus Abbey is another option for finding Westvleteren 12 for sale. The monks also run their own café, which is actually said to feature a pretty impressive menu. Everything from soup to sandwiches to ice cream is made with a touch of their world-famous beer.

However, the Westvleteren 12 for sale is in short supply. You will only be allowed a few bottles, which is probably not worth the trip if you traveled solely for the sake of bringing Westvleteren 12 home with you. If you’re already going to be in the area, though, the entire dining experience is said to be amazing.

Go Online

Your only other option for buying Westvleteren 12 is to go online. As you can probably imagine, the same monks who have such strenuous restrictions regarding selling their beer aren’t dropping them all to sell cases through a website.

However, many people who have made the trek will sell you theirs (though it should be noted that they’re not supposed to). Otherwise, forums and message boards catering to beer enthusiasts are often home to people who are willing to trade a bottle or more from their own collection to fellow aficionados.

Though the monastery did elect to sell 15,000 cases in local stores across the U.S. back in 2012, this was a rare occurrence they are unlikely to repeat. For that reason, if you want to get your hands on Westvleteren 12, your best options are above.

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