Ever Try Home Brew?

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Have you ever thought about impressing your friends by serving them a quality brew but could not really afford Trappist beer at about 9 pounds ($12 a bottle)?  Well there might be a lot cheaper way to be equally impressive.


Have you ever considered brewing your own beer?  Like any hobby there is a learning curve so don’t be put off by all the equipment you think you need or the ingredients you have to purchase.  There are too many brewing kits available on the market today that will make it easy for you.  They are a great way to start brewing and everything you will need is included in the kit.  You can get started for as little as 15 pounds ($24) so it won’t break the bank.  After that you can quit if:


  • You decide this is not for you
  • You are a terrible brew master
  • Your friends are not impressed


Home brewing is gaining in popularity which means there is now a wide choice of home brew kits on the market from any kind of beer, lager and even wine.  You can purchase them at local locations or online.  Many of these kits are specifically designed for novices.


Of course, there is no guarantee your first brew will be comparable to your local pub or a fine Trappist brew but the beauty is you can always start over again with another kit.  And you can always drink your mistakes.


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