When you drink too much Trappist

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Effective Hangover Remedies

Don’t expect too much

There is no miraculous cure for a hangover, and it’s always advisable to drink in moderation, as drinking in excess is not only bad for health, it can make you dysfunctional and there is no need to advertise how horrible hangovers are. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know.


Try alternating drinks with water. This helps in keeping you hydrated, and facilitates an efficient discharge of the alcohol from your system, which generally means you won’t get a horrible hangover. Furthermore, water is also effective during a hangover as it helps flush out the alcohol.


If you have been throwing up and your blood sugar level has gone down, try eating toast or crackers to replenish yourself. It’s understandable how horrible food can taste. But carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth, and they are the easiest food molecules to digest. So eating them will not be as cumbersome for your digestive system.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Yes, it’s a fact that drinking on an empty stomach can cause a more severe hangover in the morning and you have a higher chance of passing out. Eat healthy food before your drinking sessions to make the job easy for your digestive system. If there is some food in your stomach, alcohol absorption will be much more gradual, and this can help decrease the adverse effects linked with alcohol including the hangover. So befopre you drink a Westvleteren 12 please have some food first.

Relieve the pain

It your head hurts too much, take a pain killer. You can have an aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve your headache. If one doesn’t work you can even take two, but please avoid heavier pain killer since your liver is already exhausted from metabolizing so much alcohol from the previous night.

Work Out

Even though sweating out the alcohol might just be myth, but exercise can help you cope with your guilt about drinking too much the previous night and elevate your mood. How? Because you can release endorphins by exercising which – by the way – can also help with the head throbbing.

If you’re a Trappist beerdrinker, try light Trappist beer like the Westvleteren 8 to cut down on your alcohol intake. This way, you can control the calories going into your system and the hangover will  be much softer compared with hard liquor.

Try changing your perception of drinking to avoid future headaches; don’t just drink to get buzzed. Try out new and exotic beers. Savor the taste of the beer, instead of just chugging it down to get drunk. Try exclusive and exotic beers like the Westvleteren 12, or the St. Bernardus Abt 12. It’s very difficult to get Westvleteren beers though, because you need to call the hotline in advance and collect the beers from the abbey.


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