Different beers

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Let’s face it, beer is probably the most favorite alcoholic beverages around the world. Although I am not a fan myself, I can appreciate the artistry that must go in to providing the different types, textures and flavors.

Beer is made through a fermentation of natural products like wheat, barley, rice, corn or hops. The history of brewing beer goes all the way back to the Early Egyptians so those of you who imbibe are carrying on a centuries long tradition. You might look at it like you are an extension of history.

You probably have your favorites but there are perhaps some others you may want to try just to expand your beer palate. The most common beer around the world would be lager. This is a beer that is fermented for many months before it is distributed. In certain parts of the world a Pilsner is favored which is a brew made from hops. Then we have Ice beer which, as its name implies, is a unique tasting beer easy on the throat and is brewed in below freezing temperatures.

If you prefer a more bitter beer, ales are what you want. They have a higher alcohol content than your more common brews and is also made from hops. In England a “pint of Bitter” is usually a phrase you will hear in any pub. This is a lager that has a sweeter taste, a dark appearance and is made with barley.

There are so many others I could write a book. So the next time you think about having a beer take a look around and try something new.

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