Why Belgium Beer Is The Best

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Any type of skill comes from experience developed over time.  The same might be true for brewing beer.  Since beer has been brewed in Belgium since the middle ages when monasteries began brewing Trappist beer they have had a lot of time to practice their trade.


Belgium beer typically has a higher alcohol content than other beers due to the enactment of an old law that was changed in 1983.  The original law prohibited the sale of spirits in pubs so the brewers skirted the last by raising the alcohol content in beer.  Pretty clever but in 1983 the law was removed but the alcohol content remains high.


In addition to the six Trappist monastery brewers there are over 125 breweries throughout the country that manage to produce around 500 types of beer.  Some breweries produce Lambic beer which is unique to Belgium and is produced using spontaneous fermentation using wild yeasts found in Belgium.  This unique beer is the only beer produced this way.  The process takes anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.


You might want to try a fruit beer which is a variation of Lambic.  This beer is made by adding fruit to the Lambic beer.  The most common is Kriek made with cherries.  It is also made with raspberry, peach and black currant.  The fruit actually triggers a second fermentation process used to enhance the flavor.

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So if you ever get to visit a “café” in Belgium spread your wings a little and let your palate experiment with all the flavors.

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