A Beer Drinker’s Dream Vacation

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Pretty much hand’s down the best beer produced in the world comes from Belgium produced by the Trappist monks.  But is their life beyond Belgium?  Of course there is and there are many other countries that are quite good at producing that sweet nectar called beer.


Here is a little insight into what you can expect when traveling to various parts of the world.


  • Germany – Does the thought a Munich beer hall light the imagination especially around Oktoberfest. When there in the Bavarian city of Munich visit the best German brew masters and sample their wares.
  • Amsterdam – Know for exporting Heineken, Grolsch and Amstel around the world they are not slouches when producing a fine beer.
  • Ireland – Famous for the smoky pubs that no longer exist their Guinness is the number one stout enjoyed around the world. But enjoying it in one of their pubs is hands down better than having it on your own couch at home.
  • Tokyo – Not necessarily considered a powerhouse when it comes to brewing beer is developing as a micro-brew center. Tokyo, the largest city in the world, also pours the most beer in the world.  You can also purchase beer from vending machines 24/7.
  • Mexico – You have had to live in a cave if you have missed the Corona with a lime on a glass commercial. Certainly not one of the best brews but mix it with the hot sun and the beach and you soon forget.
  • Czech Republic – Considered the inventors of Pilsner the town of Budweis is known as the birthplace of Budweiser where it has been brewed since 1785.


There you have it.  If you are a beer drinker, the next time you take a trip try and hit one of these destinations to wet your palate.

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